The Problem

The main problem with plastic, besides the sheer quantity of it, is that it doesn’t biodegrade. As pieces of plastic enter our oceans, they fragment into smaller and smaller chunks but never degrade into simpler compounds. Tiny toxic particles are absorbed by marine animals and transmitted up the foodchain, directly harming wildlife and humanity. By the time you reach the bottom of this page 216,894 plastic bottles will have been wasted in the US alone.

The Solution

By partnering with global charities and utilising app-based collection points within their stores first of all; then in 2018 installing RecycleToCoin recycling machines in major cities, universities, hospitals and charity stores worldwide - we want to incentivise and enable people to join our mission and access investments into renewable energy projects on EcoChain.

The Plastic Bank is a world leader in the fight against pollution and poverty, providing employment in areas of the world where jobs are short and pollution rife. We’re allowing RecycleToCoin users the opportunity to directly donate their tokens to Plastic Bank: comprehensively synthesizing our two solutions by allowing the affluent to create change at home as well as abroad. RecycleToCoin buys back these tokens on a monthly basis helping Plastic Bank to further their essential work.

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