The Problem

The problem with plastic is not the plastic itself; it is a lack of local recycling infrastructure to deal with all end-of-life plastic. There is also a lack of concerted, centralised, support for environmental plastic clean-ups. Alongside the two issues above, there is an absence of incentivisation for people to recycle their used plastic properly.

The Solution

The recycling infrastructure problem will be supported via our Global Plastic Neutral Scheme (

GPNS will oversee and support the collection of up to 90% of all used plastic from companies and consumers; direct from their place of business, homes or central collection points in towns and cities.

The lack of incentivisation will now be addressed via the GPNS RecycleToCoin App:

RecycleToCoin will reward recycling of 90% of all plastic; not just the cherry-picked most valuable plastic like PET plastic bottles. Alongside plastic you will also be able to recycle aluminium drinks cans and steel food cans. (Glass bottles to follow soon.)

When you recycle your plastic, aluminium and steel cans you will receive points which can then be swapped for rewards like electronic gift cards or other rewards from our participating reward partners.

Our Partners
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Would you take part in the GPN Scheme? Would you go the extra mile to help save our oceans and clean up our planet by rinsing out bottles, cans and cleaning any food debris from plastic for collection or drop-off?

Are you, or do you know, a charity store or retail store which would like to participate in the scheme by becoming a collection point or a reward partner?

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RecycleToCoin will launch in Ayrshire from Autumn 2018, allowing you to be rewarded fairly for recycling. - It will then roll out gradually across Scotland; and the rest of the UK from early 2019.